8 Ways To Use Quinoa For A Week Of Healthy Recipes (2024)

Getting organised with meal prep is a great way to stay healthy, organized and save some well needed cash.

January can be tough, what with re-adjusting to those early starts and long days back in the office, so we at Women’s Health thought we’d make it a little easier for you.

If you’re into health and fitness then you will have heard about quinoa; high in fibre and protein this gluten free grain was the 'it' food of 2015, 16 and probably the year to come.

So, make your batch of quinoa (we'd suggest a full bag then you have a lot to play with) and then get inspired by these delicious healthy meals we've found to keep things interesting.

How To Make Your Quinoa

For cooking you typically need 2 cups of water per 1 cup of quinoa and 15-20 minutes of boiling time.

Our top tips for when making your batch is to rinse the quinoa thoroughly to ensure you remove the bitter outer coating and then once drained, leave it to fluff up in the hot pan.


It’s all about salads, salads, salads. We've got our eye on this fully loaded Greek salad.

This recipe calls for roasted peppers, feta, courgette, chick peas, cucumber, artichoke, spinach, radishes and both sundried and cherry tomatoes. Oh and avocado, because you can’t have a superfood salad without some avo.

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This totally vegan recipe is a quick and easy way to use your pre-made quinoa. Quite simply select your portion of quinoa and mix in your courgette, tomato, beans and then add olive oil and fresh lemon juice and you're good to go.

Box it up and take it into work with you for a sure fire way to avoid unhealthy, tempting snacks and save yourself some cash in the process.

Hannah Koestler / @prosperoushealthylife


Whoever said tacos couldn't be healthy? This particular recipe uses blue corn tacos which are crunchy and gluten free, but any taco shells will do!

One of the key components here (bar your quinoa of course) is butternut squash, which you can easily make the night before and heat up for lunch.

Stuff your shells full of your cooked quinoa and butternut squash and add in some spicy avocado salsa for extra flavour.

The salsa takes 5 minutes to make and only requires a handful of ingredients to make: peppers, chilli, avocado, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice and salt and pepper. If you fancy, a few mixed salad leaves can be added to complete your healthy Mexican meal.

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The crown jewel of this recipe isn't the roasted beetroot or southwest chicken strips, but the rather the flavour packed quinoa.

Get yourself some sweet onion, mushroom, rosemary and most importantly plenty of carrot or sweet potato ribbons (whatever takes your fancy) and stir it all into your quinoa for a colourful and scrumptious meal.

In our opinion you don't even need the chicken and beetroot! Most leftover veggies you have in your fridge would work in this recipe. Easy peasy.

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The unusual yet delicious combo of pistachio and apricot can be added raw to your ready made quinoa and paired with an olive and kale salad.

Using all fresh and uncooked elements, this makes this recipe the perfect, straightforward lunchtime meal to keep you going till 5 o'clock.

For a dinner time twist Deliciously Ella recommends pairing this with sesame coated sweet potato falafels, sundried tomato, butterbean hummus and roasted cauliflower. Yum.

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This is our second recipe involving butternut squash. Luckily it's one of the easiest things to prep – chop, splash with olive oil and salt and pepper and shove it in the oven.

In adition to the roast butternut squash you'll need roasted pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, fresh parsley, feta cheese, spring onion and lots and lots of delicious and tangy pomegranate seeds.

You can also add a couple of cups of chicken/vegetable stock and pomegranate molasses if you want to ensure that your guests are drooling at the dinner table.

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If you're looking for a healthy dinner that doesn't taste like a healthy dinner, then look no further.

To make your fritters, combine your quinoa with your favourite herbs and spices and use coconut oil to lightly fry. Add a summery walnut and tangerine salad and a zesty lemon tahini yoghurt sauce and you've got restaurant quality food at home.

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End the week with one more heavenly salad. This one is perhaps the easiest of the lot. As your quinoa is already ready, there's no cooking required.

You will need: black beans, sweetcorn, chickpeas, spring onion, sunflowers seeds, sesame seeds and peppers. Basically a who's-who's of super food ingredients.

The homemade dressing comprising of cider vinegar, mustard and olive oil gives it an amazing tang.

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Lancey Morris / @sweetlancey

Need help with your food prep? Take a look at 7 indispensable meal prep secrets you need to know.

8 Ways To Use Quinoa For A Week Of Healthy Recipes (2024)


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