Car Decoration Ideas: Personalized Interior & Exterior (2024)

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Car Decoration Ideas: Personalized Interior & Exterior (1)

Car decoration ideas are a big topic. What does it mean for a car decoration to be personal? It could mean that your car says something about you, like your favorite color or your personality trait. In some cases, it may be based on what kind of clothing you prefer to wear when driving, depending on the occasion. In other terms, personalizing your drive can mean anything from customizable buttons and stickers to interior and exterior paint jobs.

In this blog, I’ll share with you some ideas that you can liven up your cars.

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Car Decoration Ideas For Interior

If you get bored to be the same as others, you can adjust a few interior parts of the car to be different.

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#1 Add a Steering Wheel Cover

The car steering wheel cover is a great decoration. It can be a gift if you have a birthday or a new car celebration or a small gift on Christmas. If you want to keep the original look of the wheels, you can opt for wrapping the whole steering wheel including the spokes. There are many colors and patterns to choose from according to your taste and preference. You can also select soft leather steering wheel covers with piping detail (for a more expensive look) if you like this kind of design.

#2 Add a Cup Holder

There are several kinds of cup holders in the market. A cup holder is a fun decoration that can help you to prevent spilling any juice or coffee when you drive. There are many shapes of the cupholder. You can choose one that is big enough for your favorite coffee mug and place it on your desk, on the floor of your car, near the driver’s legs, etc.

#3 Car Seat Covers

If you have a car, the most commonly used item for decoration is car seat covers. It can be a gift to your family members or friends if they have a child with them in the car. Car seat covers are available in different sizes and different colors, depending on the purpose that you want. Besides protecting your seats from stains and dirt, it can add a nice personal touch to your ride when it’s been customized with color patterns by vinyl printing.

#4 Car Front Seat Organizer

The organizer comes in handy for long trips. They are available in several kinds of patterns and styles. It can be a great gift for frequent drivers.

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#5 Car Visor Organizer

You can store things that you have to use frequently, such as your cell phone or your sunglasses, in the visor organizer. You can also store chewing gum or a pack of candies in order to avoid bad breath when having a chat with passengers during the trip.

#6 Car Seat Mats

Car seat mats are made of different materials such as plastic and rubber. They are a great decoration for the floor of the car. It’s a good way to protect the original floor from being scratched and dirtied.

#7 Car Pillow Sets

Car pillow sets are a small gift that can be a great decoration for your car. It is a good gift idea for the season of thanksgiving or Christmas if you have someone in mind to give it to. They can add a nice touch to your car while resting on the back seat while traveling.

#8 Car Seat Back Protectors

Car seat back protectors are another great way to make your car safer for you and your passengers. They help protect the back of your seat from scratches. It is also helpful in the process of cleaning because it makes cleaning easier by preventing dirt from getting to the seat cover. You can choose different materials of the back protector, eco-friendly ones are popular nowadays.

#9 Installing LED Light Strips for the Interior

LED light strips and LED strips can be a great decoration for the interior of the car. It can give a great effect to your car if you have it installed on your ceiling, on your dashboard or wall. For drivers that need to change their direction frequently, LED lights are an option that they have to consider. You can increase the visibility of your vehicle in case you are driving at night or at dusk.

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#10 Tissue Holder for Car

A tissue holder is a great add-on as it’s really convenient when you need to wipe your hands or your makeup. It is a small accessory that can be placed near the driver’s seat. If you have a car, it’s guaranteed that your car will look stylish with this little addition.

#11 Dashboard Decoration

There are many ideas to brighten up your dashboard. You can choose to hang DIY bobblehead figurines from your mirror, place a collection of magnets on the surface of the dashboard or even add a photo frame.

#12 Car Air Freshener

Car air fresheners are not just great decorations for your car but they also help to tackle bad odors inside the car. There are many types of car air freshener like plug-in, bags or gel. You can choose whatever style suits you.

If you want to get rid of smoke out of the car, I have listed here some best products for your reference.

#13 Car Headrest Cover

You can use a headrest cover as a decorative accessory to the interior of the car. It is a good way to protect your head from outside noise and heat. You can also choose from different materials including cloth, vinyl, or leather according to your taste and preference.

#14 Car Phone Holders

There are car phone holders in the market. They help you to avoid changing your hand position when operating the phone while driving. There are many sizes and designs in the market. You can choose one that matches well with the interior design of your car.

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Car Decoration Ideas For Exterior

For car exterior decoration, we need to be very wise not to be an idiot. You can easily make a fool of yourself or become a laughingstock if you don’t carefully choose the design and theme you want to convey. How to decorate your car exterior? It depends on what kind of message you want to give to the public out there. The exterior accessories are more available for SUVs or trucks. Here are some ideas you can do:

#1 License Plate Covers

As an amateur car lover, you can’t miss this decoration. There are many types of license plate covers like plastic, metal or acrylic ones. The shape and size of the cover also vary. You can choose the one that fits the style of your vehicle.

Usually, people use license plate cover to express their personal style or an important message to others. The design of the cover can give people an idea about your personality, character, or your love for the law. Take a look at this list of creative license plate covers.

#2 Installing Running Boards

If you need to stand in front of your SUV when it’s parked, try to install running boards with spiral designs, like this one. They can make your car more attractive for others.

#3 Car Wind Deflector Covers

This is another decoration for your car exterior that can make you look more handsome. Wind deflectors protect the roof of your vehicle from damage caused by the strong wind. Even if it is just a small amount, you will get a sense of safety while driving in bad weather conditions.

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#4 Adding Emblems

You can choose to add emblems to your car’s body to make it look more stylish. It is also helpful in making people know more about your personality.

Final Words

To conclude, what is the best decoration for your car? Well, it depends on your style of driving. Do you like to stand out in the crowd with extravagant color combinations and accessories? Or do you like more of a neutral presentation that will appeal to more people?

I hope this short article has given you some ideas to spruce up your vehicle. If you have any thoughts about car decoration ideas, please don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment box below. We would be happy to hear from you.

Car Decoration Ideas: Personalized Interior & Exterior (2)

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Car Decoration Ideas: Personalized Interior & Exterior (2024)


How should I decorate the inside of my car? ›

You can add headrest collars, car coasters, air freshener, glitter tumbler, keychains, car mats, seat belt covers, and rearview mirror decorations to make your car interior unique.

How can I decorate the outside of my car? ›

2. Vinyl Wraps or Decals: For a more unique look, you can opt for vinyl wraps or decals to change the color or add designs to your car's exterior. These can be easily applied and removed without damaging the original paint.

How can I make my car look awesome? ›

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Car Look Better
  1. GIVE IT A CLEAN. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. ...

How do I add color to my car interior? ›

Common methods include reupholstering seats, replacing or dyeing the carpet, applying vinyl wraps or decals, painting interior panels, and changing trim pieces' color.

How do you make a car picture look good? ›

Shoot the car from straight on at eye level, get side views, and capture shots at 45-degree angle views of each corner of the car. “One of the biggest tips l give beginners is to know the angles of cars,” Petty explains. “Every car looks best at a three-quarters angle. That's kind of like the go-to shot.

What can you Customise in your car? ›

Cool Ways to Customize Your Car
  • Add Seat Covers. Customizing your seats is a simple way to enhance the look of your interior. ...
  • Use a Steering Wheel Cover. ...
  • Update Your Dashboard. ...
  • Personalize Your Pedals. ...
  • Install Floor Lights. ...
  • Enhance the Headliner. ...
  • Spray Some Fragrance. ...
  • Personalize Your License Plate.
Sep 11, 2023

Can you put decorations on your car? ›

Is it legal to decorate your car for Christmas? In states such as California and New York, it's legal to decorate your car for Christmas. However, in most places, it is against the law to cover your license plate with anything.

How do you put furniture on top of a car? ›

Securing Furniture and Appliances to a Car Roof
  1. Use furniture pads, moving blankets, or foam blocks to prevent surface damage.
  2. Break down items into smaller parts when possible for stability.
  3. Thread thick rope or ratchet straps completely underneath furniture.
  4. Attach straps to strong structural points like legs or frame.
Aug 1, 2023

What is safe to decorate cars with? ›

Balloons: Balloons are a classic party decoration that can easily be tied to the car's side mirrors or antenna. You can also attach a balloon bouquet to the car's roof or hood. Streamers: Streamers can be used to create a festive look by hanging them from the car's windows, doors, or bumper.

What color makes a car look luxurious? ›

Neutral colors like white, black, silver, and gray are consistently associated with luxury and elite social status. They are elegant and often considered “classy,” at least compared to “loud” car colors like yellow and red. When considering practicality, sliver and gray hues are much easier to keep clean.

What makes a car design look good? ›

Overhangs: The relationship between body overhangs and the wheelbase is critical in achieving a good visual balance: too much overhang is seen as undesirable by most designers, who will usually aim for (at least the illusion of) a 'wheel at each corner'.

How do I make my car look aesthetic? ›

Here are some low-cost options that will transform how people view your vehicle.
  1. Vinyl Wrap. If you want to change your car's look, vinyl wrap is the best way to go. ...
  2. Upgraded Wheels. ...
  3. Switch up the Interior. ...
  4. Window Tint. ...
  5. Get a Signature Fragrance. ...
  6. Protect Against Theft. ...
  7. Replace the Hood Ornament. ...
  8. Create Your Dream Car.

What do you put inside a car? ›

Multi-Use Items for Your Car
  1. Umbrella. An umbrella is your one-stop shield against multiple types of weather. ...
  2. Flashlight. A flashlight is another item you can get ample use out of. ...
  3. Batteries. ...
  4. Extra Phone Charger. ...
  5. Paper Towels. ...
  6. Basic First-Aid Kit. ...
  7. Coins for Parking Meter. ...
  8. Bottled Water.


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